Lightwalkers Series
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When Nickolas von Klaus, the long thought dead Prince of the Vampire Court, awakens from an unplanned hibernation, he finds his nation on the brink of civil war. Armed with a mission from his god, Nickolas starts his search for the newest Lightwalker, a vampire with the power to withstand the light of the sun. Instead, he comes across the young wielder of Orion's Blade, Seth, who's on a search of his own.

All Seth wanted for his birthday was a chance to get out of the city, but when strangers attack him and kidnap his brother, Seth will stop at nothing to get Jon back. Even if it means accepting fantasy as reality and siding with the enemy.


Can Nickolas help Seth find his brother while gathering his forces in preparation for war? Or will they be too late to save Seth's brother?

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Powerless in a family of Necromancers, Ezra has struggled to fit in. Going off to a normal college seemed like the perfect escape from the harsh realities of home. But when the girl he has a crush on is forced into an arranged marriage with another, darker, Necromancer family, Ezra does the only thing he can to save her - he takes the test that will name him a full Necromancer and her betrothed. But only if he survives.


During the test, Ezra learns he isn't as powerless as he thought. Hidden truths reveal he is connected to the Reinhardt family, all of whom were thought killed by the Necromancer's worse enemy, the Witches. Witches that are hell-bent on ridding the world of the 'black arts'.


With the help of an unlikely ally and a raven familiar, Ezra has the power to save the girl he loves and his kind, too, if he can master it in time.

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